Who is Winnie?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | 0 comments

Winnie is the name we christened the Land Rover.  But why Winnie?

Winnie was my Nan, and it only felt right that we should use her name in memory of a great woman.  She was the mother to four sisters, a Nan to 9 Grand children, and a Great Grandmother to 18 – and growing!

When I was setting up the ‘The Pizza Guy’ I felt that she had a lot to do with it, things were put in the right place at the right, despite that fact she was no longer with us.   We all have our own memories of her, as well as shared ones.  She was a beautiful woman with a kind heart, she was blessed with an amazing sense of humour, with an infectious laugh which would spread throughout the room.  She had such energy and love for life which filtered down through her family – she will always be missed.

When people email me, or tag me in any social media platform, they often name check ‘Winnie’ too, which goes to show that despite the fact she is not here, she is still a vital part of the team.

Her photo always sits in the cab of the Land Rover, so she can always watch over us wherever we go, as she loved to travel!